The Goal-Achieving Mindset

As we embrace a new year we inevitably want to achieve beyond last year’s successes and learn from its defeats. But, as the old adage goes, talking doesn’t cook rice. Reflection only gets us so far. When reflection stops and action begins we need a mindset, and a plan, that leads us to our 2015 […]

CrossFit: Movement, Strength, Skill and Fitness

Progress requires process. A three-word, semi-alliterative sentence that describes most of life; it’s something I conceptualize when I consult with CrossFitters. Unfortunately, their philosophy hinges on process’ antithesis—constant variation. The randomness that they champion is ironically their downfall—the body requires consistent inputs to make lasting adaptations, a fact detrimentally ignored. But if process is applied […]

Nick Winkelman Interview

Todd: Hey Nick, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview. I know you’re short on time, so let’s jump right in with the first question.  As a coach at EXOS you see some of the best athletes in the country—each with markedly different personalities. What’s one of your first steps in […]

Are You Trying Too Hard?

In the literature of fitness and bodybuilding, the philosophy of super-maxed-out, balls-to-the-wall effort on every lift is everywhere. And there’s something to be said for that philosophy. After all, if you don’t try hard, you won’t get anywhere. But believe it or not, there’s such a thing as being too overzealous. Bodybuilders are familiar with […]

New Rules of the Overhead Press

Experienced lifters appreciate the process of honing a lift for strength and for training longevity. While technique has overarching principles, every lifter must overcome nuances based on individual anatomy and structure. To polish your overhead press, we’ll consider both. Hands, Elbows and Shoulders: The Logistics Overhead press logistics are dependent on control – and not […]

Core Curriculum

Modern core training has evolved into an amalgamation of circus tricks — gimmicks invented to sell DVDs and training programs. In reality, the core needs simple but intense challenges to improve, not moves devised for spectacle’s sake. Forget about exhibition! Let’s get back to core training that produces. Below you’ll find three powerful core exercises […]

Snatch Grips for a Stronger Back and Better Deadlift

Small changes often mark the inception of dramatic development. Read a bit more and you’ll find your brain to be a most interesting part of your anatomy. Condition a tad more and you’ll be amazed at the lifting volume you can tolerate. Try the snatch grip and astonish yourself with new slabs of back muscle […]

Turkish Get-up to Elbow (And A Way to Use It)

There’s a grandiose amount of “How To” content on the web. How to skin a cat-fish; how to make napalm; how to use chloroform. Speaking of which, does this napkin smell like chloroform to you? (Shout out to Aaron Lee.) I’ve no doubt that with all the demonstrations available, you’re thumbs and fingers will lead […]

High Frequency Squatting Part 1.5

Tuesday on T-Nation (how about that alliteration?), High Frequency Squatting, and article by my brochacho from another mochacho–Michael Ranfone–and I hit the internet press. It’s a bare-bones piece that offers a quick why and how to drive your butt back and your knees out on every training morrow. You can check it out here: High Frequency […]

High Frequency Squatting

“HFS is a means to exploit what our neurology is capable of. It’s using high-tension, low-load exercises at the beginning of each training session, after warming up and before starting the day’s main lift. The keys are tension and speed.” Big lifts, done with frequency, produce amazing results. The above quote is an extraction from […]

Commit to Fit

“Consider your current goals. Are they meaningful, or are they a cookie-cutter replica of someone else’s goal? A goal that isn’t attached to something deep a personal within you is a dead-end waiting to happen. It should hurt if you fail. If it doesn’t, it won’t drive you.” The quotation above is an excerpt from […]