2, 4, 8 Pull-Up Challenge: E-Book Preview!

If we are honest with ourselves we all know that we need a good challenge every once in a while to take us out of our comfort zone and keep us moving forward. Training, and life, can be come stale in a hurry if we aren’t continually pushing our limits and striving to achieve more. That’s why I am issuing you this challenge right now!

In the course of working on my new e-book that I am going to give away on the website, I came up with some more sadistic pull-up challenges to add to your repertoire. If you missed the challenges that I initially issued. Check my T-Nation article out. 

Along with the new challenges, the e-book will cover everything from pull-up variations, programming considerations and even a super-dorky section on pull-up anatomy. It will definitely be worth saving in your e-book library!

Alright, on to the challenge!










Pull-up Ladder Challenge (2,4,8 Challenge): The affinity that I’ve developed for the pull-up ladder motivated me to develop a challenge based on it.  Pull-up ladders that I normally include in my programs have a definitive amount of rest and only increase by one rep each set, but the 2,4,8 challenge isn’t so friendly.  But because I’m a nice guy I’ll give you two extra minutes (usually you only get ten).  The first set in the ladder is two reps, then we double to four reps for the second set and lastly double the number of reps to eight.  After you complete one ladder you’ll start back with the two rep set and progress up to eight reps again.  You have twelve minutes to get as many 2,4,8 ladders completed as possible.  The amount of rest you take between sets is completely up to you. The grip you take is also up to you; just don’t try to compare your results at one grip to your results at another grip.  That’s like comparing apples and oranges.  You’ve got twelve minutes to be awesome. Good luck!

 My man Brian Oberther of Diesel Strength and Conditioning recorded the best performance on the 2,4,8 challenge to date.  Brian crushed the challenge by hitting the ladder six times through in twelve minutes (beating me by one ladder, jerk). He was immediately swarmed by the finest looking women in Elmira, New York. Great for Brian!

Give this challenge a serious go and then hit me with your results in the comments page! If you can edge out Mr. Oberther people need to know about it!

Get Stronger,




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