8 Weeks of Summer Strength

What are you doing with your summer? Since you’re an intelligent and goal driven person, my guess is you’ll take eight weeks to move and lift like a monster. I want to help out.
I’m opening up 6 online training slots for the summer (In the internet world of numbers, that’s not many).
The program starts on 5/13/2013; so if you’re in you don’t have any time to waste.
Here’s what you get:
-A personal webpage with all of your programming and videos …
-Movement assessment
 -Two months of individualized programming based on your strength goals and the outcome of your assessment
 -Weekly email check ins from me with intensive coaching
-The ability to email me or message me daily to get your questions answered
-Optional weekly 15 minute skype meeting
Here’s what I need from YOU:
-Clear definition of goals and desired outcomes
 -The ability to take high-quality photos and videos and send videos weekly for form checks
-The ability to fill out daily and weekly stress and training monitoring scales
-Consistent, open lines of communication
-The sincere desire to get better without making excuses.
The cost is $300 per month when paid in installments, or $500 for the entire 8 weeks if paid up front.
This is a first come, first serve deal, and I’m only taking on 6 guys. So if you’re in, and ready to be a monster, shoot me a message right now or email me at Todd@beyondstrengthperformance.com