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Being that the internet has become a powerful information monster, many strength coaches and therapists have grown to legendary status. Some, it seems, in a matter of months. I’m not complaining—the internet has done wonderful things for my career, and you’re obviously reading this article through your connection—but sometimes it’s tough to decipher the true from the phony.


Through my travels I’ve learned that many of the people I once admired through the medium of a high speed connection are, in reality, charlatans; strategic internet marketing positioning them at the forefront of the fitness industry. It’s like finding out your favorite super hero sits down to pee. Unless, of course, that super hero is a lady; but even then it’s still kind of disappointing.


But every once in a great while, a sunbeam of truth shines from the heavens and the hype of the internet holds true. (Cue Mariah Carey “Hero”). The weekend of October 27th and 28th I saw that ray of light and it reflected off of the chest of Charlie Weingroff. The dude is the fucking truth.


Though the previous paragraph is hyper-sensationalized, I can comment without question that the seminar at Ranfone Training Systems was the best I’ve ever attended. Charlie imparted more knowledge and spoke with more candor than any other presenter I’ve had the opportunity to hear speak. And, unlike most presenters, Charlie didn’t speak with emphasis on a specific niche—he covered the full spectrum of training and rehab topics, offering a perspective that drew connections between topics and ideologies.


After reading the tribute I passed off as an introduction, (you can liken me to a little girl after her first Justin Beiber concert) I’m sure that you’re ready to read some of what he talked about.


The Topics


As much as I’d like to go into detail about the topics Mr. Weingroff covered at the seminar, I won’t. Not only because the man charges money for this information—and he is well worth the price—but also because my rambling won’t pay homage to his presentation. Instead, I’ll offer you a summary of what he covered in the hopes that you’ll take action to attend one of his seminars.


Core, Training and Rehab Perspectives


Before Weingroff talked training, he talked background on different core, training and rehab perspectives. He presented them as core perspectives, but it was soon apparent that these perspectives overarched training and rehab. As with most disciplines, complete discernment between topics is impossible.

The Perspectives

-Biomechanical (stable segments, mobile levers)

-Muscular (high load vs. low load)



-Neurodevelopmental (how do babies learn to move?)


While he broached each topic, Weingroff spent most of the two days exposing us to the neurodevelopmental approach to training and rehab—as it’s the one that encompasses all the others.


Gazing through the scope of the neurodevelopmental approach we examined assessment, breathing, movement, reflexive stability, tension and corrective exercise.


As a guinea pig, I had the opportunity to be assessed by Charlie via the FMS and the SFMA—two great assessment tools that follow the neurodevelopmental approach to movement. It was awesome. I learned more by being the example than I did sitting and watching others. So, as a quick aside, if you get the chance to volunteer and be made an example of at a seminar with a high level coach; do it!


Apart from examining the different perspectives on training and rehab, Charlie Weingroff left us with two distinct messages at the end of the weekend: build a team and get to training hard as quickly as possible.


There is no one aspect of training, rehab, pre-hab, nutrition or medical care that influences the success of an athlete or trainee more than the others—they are all equally necessary. It’s true, however, that focus shifts from time to time. Building a team of talented professionals ensures that no matter the problem it will be solved.


In the Eastern Bloc traditional rehab is approached differently than in our Western schematic. While we focus intently on a small area and prescribe any number of useless exercises, the Eastern Europeans concern themselves with improving nervous system tone and getting people moving. In essence, they train because training = rehab and rehab = training. Get people moving and doing as much work as they can handle with consideration to their dysfunction or injury.


I know that this recap is lacking detail, but I purposely left it void. You need to see Charlie Weingroff in person.


Get Stronger,


P.S. Charlie’s coming back to Ranfone Training Systems on November 1st and 2nd of 2014 to present his T=R2 seminar. You have to come see this man speak. Early bird pricing is still available…seats are only $549. In two weeks the price jumps to $649. Don’t wait!

Sign up here—-> Charlie Weingroff T=R2 at Ranfone Training Systems (1258)

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