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In the past finding a qualified strength and conditioning coach that knows the science behind how your metabolism and musculature works in addition to having the hands-on coaching experience and track record of delivering results time and time again has been difficult (maybe even impossible depending on where you live). There are gyms everywhere (10 in the town where I live) packed with personal trainers but there are only a handful of trainers in all of America that I would trust a family member of mine to work with.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the explosion of online fat loss training has made it easier for people to gain access to fat loss coaching regardless of where you live. Some of this coaching is bad (like your average joe trainer sitting behind a keyboard lying to convincing people he/she trains professional athletes so he/she can make a quick buck) and I’d like you to avoid that. But some of it is really good as there are coaches out there with a deep knowledge of the human body and metabolism getting great results with their clients.

I’d like to show you that I’m one of those guys as working with me is different.

One of the ways that the your experience with me is different is that while your goal is fat loss, my goal (as your coach), is to correct any movement or postural deficits that you may have, remove any nagging aches and pains that may be plaguing you while getting your to your fat loss goal. I’m invested in you, your health, and your metabolism, not just getting you to lose weight by any means necessary. In order to achieve all these things I do business a little differently than you may be used to (if you have trained with a personal trainer or been part of online coaching in the past).

Here’s how it’ll go:

1. You fill out the preliminary background information sheet below. This will give me enough information to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

2. Once you get officially enrolled in the program, you’ll send me a couple basic videos of you performing basic movements (push up, body weight squat, etc) – I’ll give you explicit instructions here so don’t worry about knowing or not knowing what to do. These videos combined with your health history questionnaire will be the basis for your program as it will allow me to see how you move and if your body is not behaving when you do certain movements. This will tell me what exercise you should and shouldn’t be doing (I’m not just randomly pulling exercises off a list like a lot of  coaches jokers).

These are the kinds of things that I’m looking for, to help you correct, before designing your program


3. We’ll talk. Either via phone or skype (whichever you prefer). Our conversation will better allow me to understand your past training and exercise experience, your goals, and what we need to need change/overcome together in order for you to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

4. I’ll take all the information that I have collected from the questionnaires  videos, and our conversation digest, compress, and analyze to create for your the ideal fat loss program for you, your body, metabolism, lifestyle, and goals.

5. You’ll get your exercise program (on a secure, password protected, mobile friendly webpage) in full detail including video demonstrations (when necessary), sets, reps, tempo, warm-ups, cardio, and recovery protocols. This isn’t just “Here’s your weight training workout.” No, instead you’ll receive very specific guidelines for activating and warming up key muscles, your strength training program, cool down/recovery, and energy systems work (some people call this cardio but we’ll work to develop all 3 energy systems of your body to optimize your results).

6. My support. I’m your coach and coaches are there to support their clients. What does this mean? We’ll have weekly scheduled check-ins so I can know how you are doing, what is working for you, and what isn’t. We’ll also chat (either via phone or Skype) once per month for a more detailed progress check-in. You’ll also get seemly random check-in emails from me throughout the week as the program that I create for you evolves and develops with you so I want to know how things are progressing.

7. Your program evolves. Based on how you and your body are responding I will manipulate and change your program (also known as peroidization) your training program on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to ensure that you get the results you desire in an expedited fashion.

The bottom line on all this is the following:

I will empower you to achieve you fat loss goal, whatever it maybe

As part of my coaching group you will experience an attention to detail, level of personalization, professionalism that you have never experienced before – I guarantee it.

If you are committed to this as much I am committed to you and helping you achieve you goals, fill out the form below and let’s get started.