Awesome Pull-Up Workout!

I wanted to follow up Monday’s pull-up challenge with an awesome pull-up work out that I hit this week to show you that using pull-ups in your program doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous!

Because, like Champ Kind, I’m all about havin’ fun!











Before I hit you with the workout, let’s lay out the key components that I used to develop it.

I started with a warm-up based on a lot of the principles discussed in the AMPED manual. This was the general warm-up, consisting of soft tissue work on my back and shoulder girdle, mobility/flexibility for my upper-body and activation work to get the right muscles firing at the right times.

After that I added a pull-up specific warm-up, pull-up power and pull-up movement skills. Working from a template like this gave me the structure that I needed to think outside of the box. Understanding a framework is what gives us the freedom to apply creativity.

Take one day this week and throw this workout in when you would normally train your upper-back.

Now it’s time to get REAL. I mean REAL REAL! (and I’m not talking about Yellow Cake!)










Here’s your dose of awesome:

Pull-Up Warm-up:

A) Concentric Pull-ups- 2 x [5 x 2]

Pull-Up Power:

B) Clap Pull-Ups- 1 x 5

Pull-Up Movement Skills:

 B) Pronated Pull-ups- 1 x 5

C) Neutral Pull-ups- 1 x 5

D) Supinated Pull-ups- 1 x 5

E) Transverse Pull-ups- 1 x 4 each way

F) Half-Moon Pull-ups- 1 x 4 each way

 To further help you in your journey toward pull-up awesomeness, here is a video of the workout:

YouTube Preview Image

Get this all done in less than 10 minutes. If you still think you need more, throw in a 1 minute pull-up challenge at the end.

 Leave a comment on the board and let me know how it went for you!

Get Stronger,






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