Cool Exercise: Band Pivot Press

As a guy with shoulders that get beat up pretty easily, I’m always looking for new ways to keep my shoulders healthy. I also happen to be pretty lax congenitally, so I need stability like Tyrone Biggums needs to kick the rocks habit! In addition, I enjoy walks on the beach and Train’s newest cd, A LOT! (If you believe that last statment please read this post——->15 Things That Are AWESOME!)








 I came up with this little gem the other day when I was driving into the gym. I’m not going to say I am the first guy to do this, but I have never seen it before. I call it the Band Pivot Press.

Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

*As a note, make sure you work to keep your scapula retracted and depressed (back and down) throughout the whole exercise.

So what exactly are we doing here? As we rotate to different positions in relation to the anchor point of the band  we activate different muscles responsible for creating stability. For example, when the band is perpendicular to the body with the shoulder being activated closest to the anchor point, muscles that work to retract the scapula (rhomboids, mid-trap, etc.) have to fire hard to keep the scapula retracted. If the anchor point is behind us and the band is running in the same plane as our body then the low-trap has to fire hard to keep the shoulder blade depressed. Lastly, if the band is perpendicular to our body while also running across it the external rotators, rhomboids, mid- and low trap all have to fire with some serious gusto to keep our shoulder stable.

As you can see in the video, I hit 5 reps at each position and that seems to work well get everything nice and fired up. However, for you it may only take 3 reps, but it might also take 8. You get my point.

I used the pivot press to get ready for a bench work out, but it could also be used as a general pre-hab exercise or during any warm-up.

Try it out the next time you make it into the gym. And for the love of all things sacred, if you don’t have any bands yet go buy some!

Get Stronger,

Todd (2554)

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  1. Tristan

    Interesting, think this would work with the Overhead Press or some other upper body lifts too? Seems kind of like a Paloff Press for different movements

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