Beyond Strength Performance NOVA’s Black Friday Special

Beyond Stength Performance NOVA has decided to join the black Friday madness, only you don’t need to get on the road!

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Feeling like you’ve been spinning your wheels?  Want to get a head-start on your New Year’s goals?  We understand… and we’ve got you covered.

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“I KEEP eating less and less, running more and more and NOTHING’S happening!”

I know that you’ve heard the eat less, move more mantra time and time again, but the real truth is, it’s actually a lot easier than that. No more hype-based super-diets, no sprinkling your food with magic dust, and CERTAINLY no more dreaded hours on the treadmill.

Recent research has shown us that YES… there is a better, easier, more effective way to shred pounds of body-fat all while getting stronger and more healthier.

Don’t believe me?

Trust me, I can’t make this stuff up…

Study #1: Trap, et al (2008), found that interval training is effective for fat loss, BUT only at a work to rest ratio of 8 seconds work to 12 seconds rest for 20 minutes.

Study #2: Demling and DeSanti (2000), showed that resistance exercise gives fat loss a huge boost compared to diet alone. The coolest part of the study? Those studied actually got stronger as they dropped fat.

Study #3: A 2010 review by Boutcher showed that regular High Intensity Intermittent Exercise may be the most effective form of exercise for limiting abdominal fat and improving insulin sensitivity.

Amazing huh?

This information is right in plain view for anyone to see, but as you know… many ‘other’ programs feed on people that DON’T see results; so why would they change their old ways?

Allow me to be brutally honest with you… All exercise is NOT created equal.

Certain exercises work better for eliciting fat loss while some work better for making athletes stronger and faster. Certain exercises will work well for your best friend but if you did them, they could be disastrous to your body (true story).

We’ve all been there…

Let’s face it… Drive by any globo gym around 5pm and look in the windows. Is the really what you want to look like? Didn’t think so…

You are unique and you need a fat loss training program that is uniquely crafted for you and your body.

Out with the old…

Days of Training Per Week


Think about it. Your body is unique in its movement, day to day activity, posture, etc. We all have little structural quirks and most of the time they are ignored.

But….when these are addressed, corrected, and optimized for you and your body, fat loss becomes a lot easier and more successful.

Just like in the bargain bin…there’s no one size that fits all!

I want to offer you a professionally crafted, wildly successful fat loss program that is unique to you and your body. Customized training programs just work better just as you’d look a lot better in a custom tailored suit than one off the rack – no contest right?

Here’s how it works…………..

No… I’m not going to print you off the carbon copy diet/workout that I gave my last client!

This program is 100% yours!

We’ll start off with a detailed assessment that helps us decide exactly what you need to boost your fat loss. Remember, we’re eliminating the guess work. This could mean fat-loss in a time-frame you NEVER thought possible. Then we’ll train you how to exercise with proper form, intesity and focus!  THEN we immedately follow up with a completely customized training program tailored to YOU!

Think of it as a secret ‘cheat book’ to a the game we call fat loss…

Every time you train You’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll have a qualified coach overseeing your training every time you train!  Your program will cover everything–your warm-up, strength training and conditioning to boost your metabolism and melt fat!

The next month of programming will be based off your progress during the previous month. Don’t worry, we will keep you on a successful track through personal accountabilty and the Beyond Strength Performance NOVA family that you will be surrounded by. Trust me, we’re real people, not robots … we CAN work with your schedule.  Like with your trusty old road atlas under your seat; you’ll know exactly what moves to make at each critical turn.

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive nutrition advice to get you started on your fat loss journey!

No more guess work, just results.


Days of Training Per Week