Consistency Is Key: Every Choice Matters

Todd placed a picture of Dustin on our Facebook page earlier today that struck up a lot of talk about how shredded my best friend and athlete, Dustin Pague, is.  Most of the comments resort to shock and awe, merely wishing that one could attain the shred factor that he has acheived.  Well, today I am going to let you in on a little secret- YOU CAN TOO.

However, there’s a catch.  Okay, not really a catch, more of a hardship that you’ll have to overcome- your willpower.  Can you win the war?

You see, Dustin doesn’t look this way all of the time.  In fact, fat loss isn’t even his direct goal.  He fights in the bantamweight division (136lb max) for the UFC and naturally walks around in the mid to upper 160′s.  Trust me when I tell you, he’s lean to begin with, but not as lean as you see above.  So how does he get there?

Well, fat loss is obviously one of the biggest steps in our plan.  Any and all unnecessary weight must go!

1.) He starts dieting as early twelve weeks out from the fight and rarely cheats.  He has planned cheat meals built in to his plan every week, but he’s so dedicated that I actually have to drag him to a plate for a cheat meal sometimes to keep him sane and on track.

2.) Along with the diet, he NEVER misses a workout.  He may postpone a workout occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, no different than you or me- but he NEVER SKIPS A WORKOUT.

3.) He attacks every day with a plan.  When he’s in train-up mode, there is no getting in this guys way.  He shows up on time, follows the plan of his coaches, gets the work done and recovers for the next bout.


Geat lean, stay lean.

For those of you that don’t know, he has fought three times in the last nine weeks for the UFC (yes, it’s a record) and it really took a toll on him. Fighters usually take a good break between bouts, fatten up a little and enjoy the finer things in life. That’s exactly what he thought he would do after all three of these fights (and yes, he finally is taking a nice break) and wound up getting phone calls for another fight- one with 6 days notice and the other with three weeks notice. It wasn’t easy, but he continued to make weight…

The interesting thing is that since he thought he was going to take a nice long break after each fight, he sky-rocketed in weight, much like normal people do with yo-yo dieting. The following three pictures should drive the point home- get lean, stay lean.

six days notice, 2 weeks after picture above



three weeks notice, 7 weeks after last picture

Notice the difference between the first and middle picture? These were taken two weeks apart! The original picture was the result of a full twelve week train-up that was as close to perfect as can be. My point in throwing this in here is to show that results don’t last unless you stick to the plan. The third picture shows some good progress from the middle one, but still not as good as the original. Obviously there was no plan to fight again in two weeks, and again in another seven, so this is in no way a shot at D. But, this should be proof that yo-yo dieting isn’t in your best interest.


Consistency is key and the results will be evident.



Coach Chris (1877)

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Chris Merritt

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