Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Thinking Outside the Box

If you’re like me- currently working out in a more commercialized health club- performing things like sled work, true olympic lifts (they have a sign that says “please do not drop the weights” on our platform), medicine ball throws, etc… can be a challenge.

What follows are a few basic ideas to hold you over until… just until.

Russian Hamstring Curls on a Seated Calf Machine
Not all of us have access to a glute/ham machine.  And while this is a different exercise (and great to do even if you have a GHR), it’s A+ for your hams/glutes/calves. Warning: This exercise is much tougher than it looks. Most of the guys in our gym shy away from this one or move about two inches back and forth. I do not use my hands in the video, but you can use them if need be (at the point where you feel you will fall forward). You can do this both eccentric and concentric as I do in the video- or you can train this as an eccentric move only and use you arms to come back up each time.

YouTube Preview Image

Cable Resisted Bear Crawls, Reverse Squat Walks, and Lateral Squat Walks
Some may watch this video and see some similarities to sled dragging. And while they are similar, there IS AN ECCENTRIC portion to these exercises.  I used a dip belt (chain removed) and anchored it to either side of narrow cable column.  Give these a try…  Your legs will thank you later.

YouTube Preview Image

And last, but not least, make sure to check out Tim Henriques’s article on T here for some great ideas to incorporate sled work on a budget!



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