Determining Fat vs. Carb Satiety

We’ve spent the last few weeks going over the base of our nutrition philosophy.  Hopefully you’ve got the basics down at this point.

The goal over the next few months with our training is to put on some size…

In order to do so, our training, nutrition, and stress management all have to be on point.

We’ve got the training taken care of for you.

We’ll continue to provide stress reduction strategies as the program evolves.

So that leaves nutrition.


There’s two ways to approach this, and they both have to do with HOW WE FEEL after our meals:


Still Hungry After a Meal?

Remember, the goal is hypertrophy (GAINZ!) over the next few months, so this advice is specific to the goal…

As long as you hit your protein goals (2 palms), veggie goals (at least 2 fists), fat goals (2 thumbs), and carb goals (2 cupped handfuls) at every meal, and you’re and you’re not gaining excess body fat- let’s look at increasing…

Where to start if you’re still hungry?


For most people, carbs are the least satiating macronutrient.  This means that we can probably get some extra calories in this way without feeling so full we want to pop.

Remember, food quality is key here… go back and look at the Plan and Shop lesson to see some great options.

Full After Your Meals?

Again, let’s make sure we are hitting our portion goals (look above you lazy bastard).  If we are hitting these, GREAT, but we probably are not going to be able to cram more food down our gullet.

So, where to go if you’re feeling more full after meals while trying to put on size?


While fats are typically more satiating than carbohydrates, they are also typically more calorie-dense (protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram, where as fats have 9).  This allows us to get in excess calories without as much substance in our stomach.  Just think, 3 tablespoons of olive oil (almost 360 calories) vs 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread (about 160 calories).

We are not recommending crushing 3 tablespoons of olive oil in one sitting by any means, merely making a point…

Go back and look at the Plan and Shop lesson for good options for fats.



What to do this week?

Listen to your body.  Don’t necessarily make any changes yet…

Let’s make sure (journal!) we are hitting our base portion goals between now and next week.


Pay attention to how full you feel.

What’s the goal?

We don’t want to stuff ourselves!

We are aiming for 80% full.

We should simply be satisfied- not stuffed, not raiding the pantry immediately after.


That’s it for today…

Next week we will discuss strategies to increase fats or carbs!