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A little while ago my buddy Chase Karnes and I talked about life, weight lifting and what the most bad ass things in the world are. We decided that deadlifting might be the single most bad ass thing that anyone can do (apart from tapping out a Yeti, yes I did do that three times since last November).

Chase and I talked about deadlifts for a while and I laid out a plan for him that helped me improve my deadlift a little while back. He adapted the plan and came up with an awesome 6 week cycle that helped him put 15 pounds on his deadlift!

My buddy Chase is a super-knowledgeable guy with a TON of in the trenches experience. When he talks I listen, and so should you. 

Check out his blog post about his plan for moving his deadlift 15 pounds in 6 weeks.

How I Added 15 Pounds to My Deadlift in 6 Weeks (727)

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