Frat Boy Friday Week 1

Look, it’s Friday.  We don’t play around on Fridays.

Arms.  All of the arms.

Hitting the bar?  Arms.

Legs?  Wear jeans.  Bro.

If your gym allows, do this workout shirtless.

If your gym doesn’t allow, or, in Chris’s case today, there’s a couple women over 60 getting their pump on at the same time, wear something that legally covers the nips, but is so minuscule that one would argue the semantics of what constitutes a shirt.

Watch and learn.

Be sure to have the volume turned up on this one.  There’s a couple of gems in here…

YouTube Preview Image




A1. HEAVY Barbell Curl Clusters   3 x (2, 2, 1)

A2. Dumbbell Biceps Curls      3 x 20



B1. Close Grip Bench Press – Eccentric French Press      3 x 5

B2. Rope Triceps Press Down      3 x 20