I’ll be direct; I’m writing this to fire you up. I’m writing to strike a nerve, to make you realize that you’re bigger than you think, to inspire you to go after what you want.

I’m not here for a pity party–but I’ll shoot you straight. I don’t come from a family that’s well to do. I’m not from a nice town along the New England coast, nor have I had the opportunity to travel the world. My name is Todd and I come from a small town in Mifflin County Pennsylvania. My family worked in steel mills, and as truck drivers. And, by most accounts, I was expected to follow suit–working a manual labor job. If I was lucky, I’d go to college and settle in as a teacher.

Today, people half-way around the world bought a book and training system that I poured my heart into. It was a combined effort–I worked with a great strength coach named John Gaglione. His effort, support and knowledge have been unmatched.

It’s been incredible ride filled with late nights and early mornings–triumphs and set-backs. When I opened my email and saw that people from far away countries trusted us enough to purchase something we worked so hard on, I cried.

This isn’t a sales letter for Supreme Strength. I know that it’s a great resource. I know that those that buy it will receive something great. That makes me incredibly happy, but it’s just an example that we can accomplish anything we want.

Remember, I’m just a kid from Mifflin County that wasn’t expected to do anything. But I decided to claw, to scratch, to dig and to fight. I set a goal to help as many people as I possibly could get stronger and live better lives. I’m not there yet. But because I decided to take action and work with Coach Gaglione, I’m one step closer.

What do you want?

Go Fucking Get It.


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Todd Bumgardner
M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger
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M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger
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