Goal Setting

The following post is an excerpt from the Supreme Strength manual.

To be strong and successful you must set clear goals and then hold yourself accountable to achieve them. Self-accountability is dependent on emotion.

 What Drives You?

 What do I want to change? Why do I want to change it? What outcome(s) do I see in my head? Ask yourself these three questions before you set any goal. These questions will either reveal your motivation for obtaining a goal, or reveal a proposed goal as a farce.Through the questioning process you’ll find what drives you. Pay special attention to the last question. What do you see in your head? The images should make you feel happy, fulfilled and successful. Hold these images; remember them, because these are what you’ll emotionally attach to. These pictures will drive you to achieve your goals.







Set Your Goals

 After you’ve asked yourself the above questions, and determined your answers, set your goals. Set a goal for each testing lift and a total outcome for the program.

How will achieving your individual goals help you achieve a bigger outcome?

 Write Them Down

 After you set your goals—write them down. It doesn’t matter what you write on—it could be a dinner napkin. We recommend in your training log and on a scrap piece of paper.You do, however, need to keep your written goals where you can see them. Keep a copy by your bed so they are the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before you turn out the lights. Look them and visualize success.

 Taking Action toward Your Goals

 Writing your goals and visualizing success are necessary—this much is true. But all the writing and visualizing in the world won’t matter if you don’t take action.

Take action every day to achieve your goals. Train hard on your training days, and recover on your off days. Make every step calculated and keep your focus laser tight.










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