Heard of this?: Barbell Clean and Carry Variations

Hello world!  It’s Chris and I’m back again with another edition of “Heard of this?”  We finally got bumpers at the new facility (thanks to Sorinex for the AMAZING prices, and to my client Lindsey for finding them!), so I figured, what better to do than finish off our lift the other day with some “fun” carries.  We chose to go with the clean and press to overhead carry and then the clean and front rack carry.  There are a number of other variations that I could throw at you, but try these out first.  I think you’ll agree, these bad boys do the trick.

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So what exactly is going on?  Well, it has been kind of a theme lately, but core stability is being challenged (especially in the overhead carry variation), as well as intermittent bursts of power.  This is great for any kind of a sport that uses “cruising and exploding” as I like to call it.  Take mixed martial arts for instance- you’re not going all out the entire round, but rather braced and ready for anything with definite periods of intense explosive work.  While I only recorded these by themselves, you could combine them with something else at either end of the walk.  Maybe these will do:

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Okay, not really.  But try and throw in some pullups at one side of the carry and maybe some burpees at the other.  Try that for a three minute round and thank me later.

Reminder, I said we FINISHED with these…  This is not a workout in itself, just a finisher.  Call it conditioning if you’d like- I call it awesome.

‘Til next time!



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Chris Merritt

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  1. Nice video at the end, stay strong.


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