High Frequency Squatting Part 1.5

redballsTuesday on T-Nation (how about that alliteration?), High Frequency Squatting, and article by my brochacho from another mochacho–Michael Ranfone–and I hit the internet press.

It’s a bare-bones piece that offers a quick why and how to drive your butt back and your knees out on every training morrow.

You can check it out here:

High Frequency Squatting

During the editing process, however, articles get stripped. I’m not complaining–it’s not like the editors defaced the Mona Lisa–but there’s some info got nixed that’s worth sharing.

Namely how you can use HFS exercises on your off days to increase training volume.

Here’s how we’ll work this. Go on and click the link, read the article, and then make your way back here to read the following italicized section.

(I italicized it to make it feel important–you know–since it missed the cut and all.)

HFS on Off Days?

Some gents are volume junkies—no matter the advice they’re going to want to do more. Sad part is, more often than not, they increase volume by adding extraneous assistance work to their programs. Hard work is always to be applauded—but it’s better if it’s strategically focused.

If you’re going to add volume, add it on off days using your prescribed HFS work for the week. Employing this strategy keeps training focused on the goal, potentially speeds up strength gains and offers opportunities for more practice.

But, man, be judicious. Don’t throw in extra volume on week one or week four of your program; play with weeks two and three. And, of course, don’t start off by adding in extra HFS sets on every off day. Start with one and see how it goes.

Now we’re on point.

Good day. (7254)

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