#JustGive For a Pair of Shoes

I saw an image on Facebook today–it was Santa Claus flying over a house toward the moon. Above, and below, Santa Claus, written in red lettering, was a reminder that there are only ten Saturdays until Christmas Day. Time flies.

With a chill in the air, and snow flakes sputtering to the ground, people start to get an altruistic feeling–one love, the brotherhood of man type stuff. It’s great; but it’s short-lived. January’s frigidity swallows us and people shove a cold rod o’ steel in their backdoors and make curmudgeon seem like a friendly word.

Instead of warm smiles it’s ‘hey asshole I just shoveled that spot!’

Instead of doors being held open, people rush through turnstiles to soak up the warmth as if it’s a limited commodity.

During the first one fifth of the year we suck–at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

Knowing that we are going to devolve into a snow boulder of asshatery barreling down Up Yours Mountain in a few months, I’d like to get our altruistic mind set started before October is over. And as a result someone is going to get to design a custom pair of Reeboks.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s a Goddamn Contest!

Before we get into contest details I’ll sweeten the pot and let you know exactly what you can win. The champion of this contest receives a gift card to customize a pair of Reeboks at http://shop.reebok.com/us/custom/your-reebok. I decide the winner and then I give the folks at Reebok their address and they receive a card in the mail to customize their own shoes.

The process is pretty cool. You go to that link above, pick the available shoes to customize and go to town. You can do pretty much anything you want–even customize a message on the back of the shoes. #Baller.

I made custom Beyond Strength Performance Nano Speeds because they are awesome shoes and I am awesome.

I’ll preface the rest of the details by saying it’s great that I get to hook someone up with shoes, but this contest isn’t about shoes–not at all. Sure, we have to get a little “social media-y” but it’s for the right reason.

Here’s Where You Come In

Where all on this earth together–and for no reason other than that, we need to take care of each other. I split my time between Connecticut and Pennsylvania…it’s cold in both those places. Like frozen boogers on the side of your cheek cold. In both places there are people that don’t have what they need to get through winter.

Like me–many of you reading this post have a good job, or three. Sure, we might not have a lot of money left over at the end of the month but there are other folks that do their damndest and still are scrounging for loose change. This means parents going without so that their kids have modest clothing that still isn’t enough to accomplish the means. It sucks and I hate it–so we’re going to take care of these people.

First, you’re going to find a family. Then you’re going to help them.

It could be a mom that needs a jacket because she spent all of her money on her kids. It could be a kid that needs a warm pair of shoes to get through the winter. I don’t care. You’re going to do something.

Go out of your way to help them what they need then tell their story. Here’s how.

As a species we are image driven. We see images and they move us to act–be that positively or negatively. We are going to add more positive images to the internet. We’re going to inspire good by using images of our good deeds.

Whatever you decide to do for the family you choose, take a picture with them. It doesn’t have to be you giving them whatever you decide to give them–please don’t embarrass them–but it has to be you and them, or you and he or she. You’re going to post this picture to your Instagram account and tag me in it–my handle is @bumtodd. In the caption below the image you are going tell this family’s–or this person’s–story and what you did to help. I know–you don’t want to brag about helping other people, it’s what we’re supposed to do, but I need the full story to determine the winner. I just ask that you are honest. Then you are going to share the image on Facebook and Twitter while using the hashtag #justgive.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a democracy. I’m going to pick the winner. I will, of course, consult with my friends and family and take their opinions into account. I’ll be fair.

I’m going to run the contest now until Sunday, November 3.

I have a pair of shoes to give away and we can use that to do a lot of good.





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