Modern Therapeutic Techniques Seminar

The Modern Therapuetic Techniques seminar is designed to teach Chiropractic students how to synthesize contemporary assessment and intervention methods into effective patient treatment.

 Happening June 8th, 2013 at the Seneca Falls, NY Community Center

Start time: 8am, End time: 6pm

During this seminar you’ll learn how to build the office visit from the ground up using the latest assessment techniques, neuromuscular interventions and movement repatterning techniques. Other seminars teach you the tools that fill your tool box, we’ll teach you how to use them together. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • SFMA
  • FMS
  • NKT
  • Teaching and Re-patterning Fundamental Movement Patterns
  • Building Strength and Stability

Like we mentioned above, the real trick is blending all of these techniques above to achieve the best patient outcome. A patient visit passes quickly, how are you going to use all of your skills to get people better and keep them better?

Modern Therapeutic Techniqes has the solution.







Your instructors:

On left: Justin Rabinowitz, DC, ART, SFMA, FMS, NKT, CSCS

On right: Todd Bumgardner, MS, CSCS, PES

We’ve been to countless seminars and built our tool boxes; but we noticed one big problem–no one taught us how to put it all together!

That’s why we created Modern Therapeutic Techniques. To help you build a practical and effective treatment system.

Here’s what others have to say about our methods:


“Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is the next generation in Sports Chiropractic combining intellect, ability and a caring personable nature.  He specializes in soft tissue, rehabilitation, taping and sports injury and is more than proficient in all of these areas.  Having had the pleasure of Justin interning in my office before his current position, I was fortunate to see Dr. Rabinowitz’s intelligence, talent and patient friendly skills all at work.  I only wish at the time of his graduation that I had a position open for him.  Any patient will find themselves in excellent hands with Dr. Rabinowitz…….and he wears a mean bowtie!”

Gregory H Doerr, DC, CCSP, ART, CSTI, CKTP


“I first met Justin back at a seminar back in March of 2012, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a chiropractor who had a genuine interest in strength training. Far too often, medical professionals do not “get it” when it comes to dealing with competitive athletes, leaving many of us who need help searching for someone whose answer regarding our injuries simply isn’t “don’t train”. I myself turned to Justin for help back in November of 2012 as I was preparing for my second powerlifting meet. Chronic pain in my left shoulder had hampered my training for months, and as the meet approached, I was not feeling very optimistic about my chances to perform well in the bench press. After just one session with Justin, I was given a very simple and easy list of exercises and SMR techniques to perform on my shoulder prior to the meet. Just seven days later, I benched a 5 lb PR with literally no shoulder pain whatsoever. I can honestly say that without Justin’s help, my meet performance would have been disastrous. Justin’s expertise and passion for helping others is exceptional, and if you are looking for the best treatment you can get, then you owe it to yourself to go see him today!”

Eric P., Competitive Power Lifter and Strength Coach


“I have had the pleasure of familiarizing myself with Todd and his work over the past year and I can state unequivocally that he represents the best of the what the Sports Performance industry has to offer. Todd has at his disposal a tremendous depth of knowledge from many years of academic involvement and countless hours of first hand athletic pursuits, he is an incredible resource for any coach, parent or athlete. What really separates Todd from the rest is his infectious attitude and tireless disposition towards being the best Coach possible, every service and product he offers is delivered with unparalleled pride, passion and commitment to ensure the highest quality possible. Todd has already raised the bar for so many of the people he has worked with and it is only a matter of time before he does the same for the Sports Performance Profession.”

Michael Ranfone, CSCS, LMT, ART

“Playing linebacker and special teams in the NFL requires a strong and injury resistant body. After battling injuries during the first few years of my career, I entrusted my off-season physical prep to my good friend Todd Bumgardner. Since I’ve started working with Todd I feel stronger and healthier than I have been in years. He blends his knowledge of corrective exercise, strength training and conditioning into powerful programs that get results. If you want to be a better athlete, or train others to be better athletes, Todd’s your guy.”

Josh Hull, Linebacker, St. Louis Rams


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Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College where he was recognized by the faculty with an award for Clinical Excellence.

As a student, Dr. Justin maintained leadership positions as Co-President of the Sports Science and Human Performance Club and Officer of Motion Palpation Club. In 2011, he was selected to present his research at the ACA Sports Council Symposium held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His topic, “Assessment of the Overhead Throwing Athlete” was presented to chiropractors from around the world. For his efforts, Dr. Rabinowitz received the Tom Hyde Award and 1st place at the symposium.

In September 2012, Dr. Justin was part of the medical team at the US Senior Amateur Golf Open held at Mountain Ridge Country Club in West Caldwell, New Jersey. Additionally, he has served as the medical staff for several USA Gymnastics events as well as the New Jersey Men’s State Championship Gymnastics meet.

Dr. Justin holds advanced certifications in the following techniques: Active Release Technique (ART), Functional Assessment and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and Neurokinetic Therapy Level I (NKT).

In addition to his doctoral training, Dr. Justin holds a certification in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Currently, Dr. Justin practices at Functional Performance Therapy in both Wesfield and Montville, New Jersey. The Montville office is within One Human Performance, a fitness and training center which is a leading provider in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

Todd Bumgardner, MS, CSCS is a co-founder of Beyond Strength Performance–a world-renowned strength and conditioning company based in Northern Virginia and Central Pennsylvania. He’s graduated with degrees in Psychology, Exercise Science and is currently pursuing licensure as a Massage Therapist.

During his career, Todd has worked as a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level–responsible for the off-field strength and conditioning for two female athletic teams at Lycoming College before finishing his undergraduate degree–and in the private realm. He’s travelled the country working with, and learning from, the top strength coaches and therapists in the world. He applies this knowledge to make athletes, and regular folks, move well and move with strength.

As an athlete, Todd’s played college football, competed in powerlifting and competed in strongman. Practical experience as an athlete, as well as practical experience as a coach, blend with Todd’s academic work and result in powerful, results driven programs.

He’s a featured author for Testosterone Magazine and a columnist for Prosource. He’s the author of the Pull-up Manifesto, 2nd Edition and co-author of Supreme Strength.


Early Bird Special $97 $79