Nutrition Recap: How Can We Help You?

Up to this point we’ve laid out the basic nutritional strategies. We talked about protein intake, and discussed whether or not you should be taking in more carbs or fats to get your body comp on that good-good.


Hell, we even talked about planning, shopping and preparation.


Here are links to all the moving parts we just mentioned:


Nutrition Overview

Plan and Shop


Determining Fat vs. Carb Satiety

How to Increase Fats or Carbs

Keeping Protein Constant

Navigating Your Mass Gain Day


Here’s the thing—all the tools are in place. But nutrition parallels many things in our lives…we have a good idea of what we should be doing, but there’s an invisible, herculean force holding us back from accomplishing what we know we need to do.


One problem is our obsession with perfection.


But we know that leads to a distinct form of progress squashing paralysis.


We discuss that in the Perfect = Failure lesson.


We know that we need to do a food journal so we have objective info about what’s actually getting crammed down our cram holes.


We know that it needs to be detailed—more than just “I had some cereal” if we want to truly understand the current nutrition situation. And be able to give our coaches the real deal about what’s going on and how they can help us.


So we follow our food logging principles:


The Food Journal


Food Journal: Getting Detailed


Have you done your food log? If not—why not?


That’s not an asshole-coach bullying tactic—legitimately ask yourself what’s in the way.


Does the task seem too big? What can we do to make the habit smaller?


Just track one meal


Are you afraid of being honest with yourself? What really changes if you answer honestly? Reality doesn’t change if we hide from it—habits and the associated meals still exist. It’s ok. We all start somewhere.


Just best honest with yourself about one meal.


Do you need more accountability? Do you need your coaches to be a stronger influence on you?

Femgineer – It’s OK to ASK for Help

Just tell us that you need a bigger accountability structure, or schedule a meeting with one of us.


At this point, we have the basics installed—we just need to use them. We’ll recount them when we restart in January.


This, ladies and gents, is important. Tell us how we can help you, what’s currently holding you back from making nutritional progress?


Let us know by filling out the form below: