Speed Training

Hey everybody!  As Todd stated to start his last post, this last week was absent of blog updates, but this coming week is going to turn that around.  I wanted to kick the week off on my end with a quick word about speed training… I think it’s safe to say that every athlete wants […]

Quick Tips to Help Your Bench

    There has been a bit of a hiatus from us at Beyond Strength when it comes to the blog and I want to send out a quick apology for that.  During the coming week we will put up a lot of useful information to help you keep moving forward toward your goals.  However, today […]

Open Chain vs. Closed Chain and Your Shoulders.

     This post is somewhat supplemental to Chris’ post early in the week.  It’s not that it is completely about posture, but poor posture leads to poor shoulder health; and we will look at how balancing open chain and closed chain upper-body exercises can help to keep your shoulders healthier while probably helping out your […]

Who wouldn’t love to have better posture?

A lot of the clients that I get to work with on a daily basis (both athletes and adults) all start with the same obstructions- bad posture, incorrect form, and lack of kinesthetic awareness.  In my opinion, these problems are a big deal, and I truly believe a lot of trainers let them slide way […]

Don’t Mimic the Movement

               Sport specific training has gone somewhat over-board.  Ill-advised trainers and coaches are having athletes perform movements that directly mimic a sport action (i.e. throwing a baseball) with resistance.  This is one of those cases where the obvious seems true but when you dig a little deeper it’s all smoke in mirrors.  A post like […]

TV is the Devil!

    Do me a big favor, please.  Don’t watch The Biggest Loser or The Next Ulitmate Fighter or any TV show that involves training people.  I am asking you this favor not only because I won’t be as stressed out when I get asked questions about crossfit, how to lose 10 pounds in a week […]

Why Getting Stronger is the Right Thing to do.

          There is a lot of terminology haphazardly thrown around when people talk about health and fitness today.  The big question is, what does it all mean?  I often ask myself this question when I hear words like firm, tone, definition, flatten, shape, lift and muscle confusion.  Honestly, I can’t tell you exactly what any […]