Secrets of the Perfect Lift

Ok, so the title is sensationalized; but I didn’t create it. The good folks at added a little spice to the article I sent them last week–actually it’s not far off. Three of the “hacks” are dedicated to tension creation and positioning during lifts–each is important for lifting superiority. I don’t know about the […]

Preparing Tissues for Damage

Chris’ post from last week is a tough act to follow. Although he feigns gingerism–it’s only his beard that’s red–he’s wondrous at taking concepts, applying them in his practice and the extrapolating the material so it’s useful to other people. If you’ve not checked out his post–do it later today after you read my article. […]

Applying The Basic Concept of Triphasic Training

There’s so much information out there on strength & conditioning, performance, nutrition, et cetera, making it incredibly easy to get overwhelmed and, as a result, do absolutely nothing with the (sometimes) valuable information we come across.  Me personally, I read.  A lot.  So much so that I typically have four to five books going at […]

Two Power Clean Cues

Here’s something you didn’t know about me–I get obsessed with things. In elementary school my obsessions were Native Americans and Barry Sanders.  The chronology continues from middle school to now in such a way: football, boobs, Metallica, guitar, powerlifting, football, vaginas, Kurt Vonnegut, football, Marcus Aurelius, vagina-boobs, deadlifting 600 pounds, corrective exercise, manual therapy, Functional Range Conditioning, power cleans…vaginas. […]

Who Influenced Me in 2013

Rather than participate in a transparent, fitness-industry popularity contest and name my favorite articles of 2013, I want to speak genuinely about people that had a huge impact on me this year. I do this in the hopes that it moves you to consider who made your life better this year; and, maybe, seek out […]

The Anti-Fitness Post

It’s too often in the fitness industry that people are enamored with a bunch of inconsequential happy horseshit. If you thought that sentence was bright and shiny, wait, it gets better. The unfortunate reality is most of our industry exists on a superficial level and thrives on subtle manipulation. Sure, that’s marketing for the most […]

#JustGive For a Pair of Shoes

I saw an image on Facebook today–it was Santa Claus flying over a house toward the moon. Above, and below, Santa Claus, written in red lettering, was a reminder that there are only ten Saturdays until Christmas Day. Time flies. With a chill in the air, and snow flakes sputtering to the ground, people start […]

Appreciation at 100mph

I’m out of bed every morning at 5:30. I lift, walk, write, feed my dog—I do something. I work to give back the time that I’ve borrowed. See, I’m not anyone special—a kid that grew up in rural Pennsylvania in a family that didn’t have much. When I was in elementary school we bounced around […]