What’s my problem?

Last week I escaped off to the Outer Banks- Nags Head, to be exact.  It’s been two years since I’ve gotten away for a full week (that didn’t involve coaching Dustin with the UFC).  I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it was to just get away, lay on a beach, read, maybe […]

Conditioning the MMA Athlete

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the success stories we’ve posted of our fighters… but what makes a fighter go from good to great?  Well, that’s debatable- but from an athletic development standpoint, conditioning is definitely high up on that list. This past weekend, Beyond Strength Performance athlete, Dustin Pague, showed superior […]

Analyzing Chris’ Deadlift

Chris has had a big week. Over the weekend he asked his lovely girlfriend–now fiancee–to marry him. Chris got the win–with an insurmountable amount of luck, of course. I mean, have a look at this face–he’s not getting any calls from GQ. Nice calves, bro.  As a post-engagement hooray, Chris did some nice deadliftin’. (That’s […]

Random Thoughts (Omegawave and wine)

Hey guys,  I’m going to be honest- this post is going to be a little all over the place.  Why?  I got engaged this weekend!  So the majority of my weekend was spent in a celebratory bliss, going to the Nationals game (where I proposed), visitng wineries, and lounging with my now fiancé, Jess.  But I […]

My Back Hurts (Wait, so do my hips).

I have congenital scoliosis. As I was exiting the birth canal, Nomgar, the fire dragon from the North, attacked me. I parried against his fire and claws with a ball of infant explosion and savagery described with adequate vim as Ginger Fist. During the battle, however, I over-utilized my supple infant tissues to dodge fire and inflict damage–as a result my spinal […]

Do Your Intentions Match Your Actions?

Do your intentions match your actions? It’s a matter of congruency. My guess is no. I’m not saying that you, in part from everyone else,  have anything wrong with you–it’s just a numbers game. Most people intend to do more–training, living, growing–but fail to act accordingly by what they envision. It’s like playing a movie in […]

Have YOU Progressed?

I’ve come a long way… Sometimes my clients think that I am superhuman.  I move well, I’m damn strong pound-for-pound, I’ll leap a building, I can stay lean rather easily, I’m- okay, okay, I digress… But in all seriousness, most of my clients can, should, and will eventually surpass me if I’m doing my job.  […]

Was it worth it?

When I was growing up I kind of got in trouble- a lot.  Not big trouble, but I definitely pushed the envelope quite often.  For instance, in the first grade I got in trouble in class for something I don’t even remember.  But, I do remember that the punishment was to take a letter from my […]