Premium Online Training: MMA Performance

You’ve put in the mat time, sparred like an animal, given your heart and countless hours to hone your skills.


You’ve been hitting the weights, conditioning but you’re still sluggish and overwhelmed.


Three rounds feels like a  nightmare.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Truth is…


You can be a Beast in the Cage!


They say that fighting is all about mentality and technique. But if your training isn’t on point all that hard work on the mats, all the sparring and dieting is a waste. Rather than transforming into a lean, strong, explosive and resilient fighter you’ll merely be outclassed by opponents with, quite possibly, substandard technique but more strength and endurance. We have your solution.


It’s time to be a beast in the cage!


You dream of fighting in the UFC one day. You want to be dominant in every outing. You don’t know where to turn and you’re guessing what’s best for you.  Should you lift weights more often, or increase your cardio training?

Should you be interval training or should you be running?  Questions like this go on and on and will kill your progress.  Let me eliminate the guess work for you.


Strength and conditioning for MMA is a highly specific process.  What works for your favorite fighter might not work for you.


Look, to make it to the top you need an individualized strength and conditioning program written by a qualified coach who’s helped place people in the big shows like the UFC and Bellator.  Problem is, we are a rare breed.  Even with MMA being the fastest growing sport in the country, it’s hard to find truly qualified coaches.

I’ve watched trainers look at YouTube videos of GSP and Jon Jones to decide what they would have their fighters do.  How does that address your needs?  Heck, I’ve seen gyms where the same coach teaches every discipline AND provides the guidance for strength and conditioning.  We call this the Jack of all trades, master of none approach.


But with me you’ll get the works, a completely customized program based on your unique needs and commited goals.


This program is 100% custom to you!


We’ll start off with a detailed assessment that helps us decide exactly what you need to work on. Remember, we’re eliminating the guess work. Then I’ll write you one month of premium MMA training based on your specific needs, goals and time-frame.


The coolest part is, your program will be available to you on your own webpage that is smart phone compatible! On the webpage you’ll find your program–the exercises, the sets, and the reps–along with video demonstrations of each exercise to make form checks easy. No more guessing.


Every time you train, you’ll know exactly what to do. Your four-week program will cover everything–soft-tissue release, mobility and activation, strength, and conditioning work. It’s all personalized based on the outcome of the assessment and your combative training schedule.


The next month of programming will be based off your progress during the previous month. Don’t worry, my extensive email support–and optional Skype meetings–will keep you on a successful track. You’ll know exactly what moves to make at each critical turn.


No more guess work, just results.


Man up and start today!

Look, I know I’m good, but I’m already telling you that. Check out what other fighters have to say about me in their TESTIMONIALS.

Yours in MMA Performance,


Coach Chris


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