Premium Online Training: Strength and Muscle Gain

“I keep pounding the weights, but I can’t get bigger or stronger!”

I know you’ve heard the tired expression, squat and drink milk–but that’s just not the whole picture. It’s what they want you to believe.

What’s the real truth?

Your needs are different than your neighbors.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine.

But the research backs me up…

Study #1: A 2012 review by Schoenfield revealed several different that factors mediate muscle gain–including metabolic stress, mechanical tension and metabolic stress. Based on the review it seems that hypertrophy training has broad application and can be highly individualized. Some respond to high levels of metabolic stress, others respond  more to mechanical tension. More evidence that your hypertrophy program needs individualized.

Study #2: Abe, et al (2006) found that after three weeks of blood occluded walking, participants gained significant lower-body muscle mass and strength. While the study isn’t based on resistance training per se, it shows that low-intensity, high repetition training builds muscle.

What did I tell you?

The evidence is there in plain view.

Look, I’ll shoot you straight…All training is NOT created equal.

Certain exercises work better for building strength and mass while some work better for making athletes leaner and faster. Certain exercises will work well for your best friend but if you did them, they could be disastrous to your body (true story).

Who wants to look like EVERYONE ELSE anyway?

You’ve seen the guys and gals at the commercial gyms, all doing the same things all looking the same way, and NEVER making progress.

I know you don’t want to be them. You want to kick ass, get bigger and get stronger.

In truth, your body is unique in its movement, day to day activity, posture, etc. We all have little structural quirks and most of the time they are ignored.

But….when these are address, correct, and optimized for you and your body, gaining strength and mass becomes a lot easier and more successful.

No more playing games!

I want to offer you a big opportunity. I want to professionally craft a wildly successful strength and mass program that is unique to you and your body. Customized training programs just work better just as you’d look a lot better in a custom tailored suit than one off the rack – no contest right?

Here’s how it works…………..

No, you won’t be doing the same program as every other client I train…

This program is 100% customized to meet your needs!

We’ll start off with a detailed assessment that helps us decide exactly what you need to get bigger and stronger. Remember, we’re eliminating the guess work. Then I’ll write you one month of premium training based on your specific goals.

It will be your little black book of strength and mass success!

The coolest part is, your program will be available to you on your own webpage that is smart phone compatible! On the webpage you’ll find your program–the exercises, the sets, and the reps–along with video demonstrations of each exercise to make form checks easy. No more guessing.

Every time you train You’ll know exactly what to do. Your four-week program will cover everything–warm-up, strength training, conditioning (if necessary) and recovery methods. Everything you need to build strength and mass.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive nutrition advice to boost your strength and mass gains!

The next month of programming will be based off your progress during the previous month. Don’t worry, my extensive email support–and optional Skype meetings–will keep you on a successful track. Trust me I’m a real person NOT a robot…we’ll make everything fit with your schedule. I’ll be your size and strength GPS; you’ll know exactly what moves to make at each critical turn.

No more guess work, just results.

Look, I know I’m good, but I’m already telling you that. Why don’t you check out what other folks have to say about me in my TESTIMONIALS.

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Abe, T, Kearn, CF, Sato, Y.Muscle size and strength are increased following walk training with restricted venous blood flow from the leg muscle, Kaatsu-walk training. Journal of Applied Physiology (2006) 100: 1460-1466.

Schoenfeld, BJ. The mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance training. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (2010), 24 (10): 2857-2875.