We all want to achieve something. Some of us want to be stronger and some of us want to lose weight. Either way, how successful we are in pursuing our goals is dependent upon how willing we are to prepare.

Any fitness (or life) goal that we have takes specific practice that is preceded by a period of general preparation. It’s during the general preparation phase that we develop the physical qualities necessary to be successful during our specific practice. That’s why General Physical Preparedness (GPP)┬áis so important.

GPP lays the foundation for the rest of a training program. Like a wise man once said, “You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe.”

Defining what GPP is can be a task in and of itself. That’s why I wrote an article for T-Nation about designing GPP programs. It covers the when, why and how of GPP. As a bonus, I threw in a GPP program that I wrote for myself after a hiatus from the gym!

Check it out here:

Practical Guide to GPP

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