Pull Your Shoulders Back!

 “Stand up straight! Chest out!” I’m not sure if that’s what he is actually yelling–it seems fitting. But he has a lot of metal on his uniform and he’s missing his left canine tooth; I don’t think we should mess with him.

Then again, he could be yelling, ” I want macaroni!”

Let’s be on the safe side, though, and assume he is talking about our posture.

A Kyphotic Addiction

First, I have a confession to make. My name is Todd and I’m a chronic bench presser.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing; I don’t need a twelve step program. But General Hippopotamus is probably more apt to yell at me.

I’ve been benching since I was a wee lad and it has left me with tight pecs–causing my shoulders to appear a bit slouched.

Tight pecs make it hard to stand tall and pull the shoulders back–ruining good posture. They are also bad for shoulder health.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been self-medicating to cure myself of my chroic benchpressosis. I’ve taken healthy time away from benching with a barbell and included more push-ups in my program. I’ve also come up with a new complex that puts the pecs at a better working length. I’ve combined a push-up EQI with the farmer’s walk. Here is the result:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a great complex for stretching the pecs because it hits them from two angles. The push-up EQI targets the pec major and the farmer’s walk stretches the pec minor. That is, however, if you’re sure to keep your shoulder blades back and down during both exercises. Upper-back tightness and core stability are necessary for success.

While you do the complex, let this refrain ring through your brain: abs tight, ass tight, blades to the back pockets.

Also, be sure to breathe. Holding your breath will sign you up for a trip to blackout’sville–especially on the push-up EQI.

Avoiding General Hippopotamus

Try this complex pre- or post-upper-body training and you’ll avoid a saliva barrage from General Hippopotamus. The weird thing is, all of a sudden I’m hungry for macaroni.

Get Stronger,






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