Snatch Grips for a Stronger Back and Better Deadlift

Small changes often mark the inception of dramatic development. Read a bit more and you’ll find your brain to be a most interesting part of your anatomy. Condition a tad more and you’ll be amazed at the lifting volume you can tolerate.

Try the snatch grip and astonish yourself with new slabs of back muscle and a better conventional deadlift.


What’s a Snatch Grip?
I know what you’re thinking: the snatch grip sounds like a rapidly executed MMA move that takes a gentleman from zero to unconscious in a hurry. Actually, it’s nothing of the sort.

Based on the gracefully performed Olympic lift, the snatch grip is a wide hand placement on a barbell.

Check out the rest at the link below:

Snatch Grips are the bees knees, baby!


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M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger
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M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger

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