Strength Faction Assessment

First Time Assessment?

Fill out this form (⇐click me) before everything below, but no need to re-submit this form at periodic check-ins.


Video Assessment

Please submit your videos, by email, to



Your pictures obviously do not need to be done against a grid like below, but please do them with ample lighting like the example.

Please submit your pictures, by email, to

Front Example

Jon Front

Side Example
Jon Side
Back Example
Jon Back


Weight and Circumference Measurements

The descriptions of each measurement are BELOW the area where you would record your answers…

All measurements are best taken first thing in the morning.

Please record your measurements in inches, using either a cloth measuring tape, or a retractable fitness tape measure.
All measurements are taken from the dominant side of the body…

In pounds

Taken at the narrowest portion of the neck

Taken at the middle of the upper arm, between the elbow and acromion process (bump on shoulder shoulder)

Taken around the upper torso, lined up with the middle of the shoulders

Taken at the nipple line around the torso (no arms)

Narrowest point of the torso, usually just above the belly button

Biggest part of the hips, usually middle of butt

Arms resting at sides, lined up with the knuckles of a fist

Largest part of the calf