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I don’t do random posts often, but when I do, I post ‘em on Sundays.

So Dustin had back surgery to shave a bone spur at L5-S1 last Monday (the 1st of October) and is recovering amazingly well!  You will see him in a video below (prior to surgery).  He was in the gym this week to visit and is dying to get back at it like he was.  Once he is cleared to train again he will be in better shape than EVER.  I already feel bad for his future opponents…  In the mean-time check out this sweet dance cardio thing he’s been working on:

YouTube Preview Image

Now on with the randomness!


Drop Down and Give Me Twenty (correctly, please)!

The push-up is probably the most commonly utilized exercise on the planet (outside of running, if you consider that an exercise- wherever you’re from).  And I’d be willing to bet that if lifeforms exist on another planet somewhere out there, they probably do push-ups as well.  So, in preparation for an intergalactic push-up war, I am going to arm you (get it?) with the quickest way to get you into the right arm positioning.

If you missed my post on band push-ups a few weeks back, make sure you check it out!

The Process

Step 1:  Assume a tall kneeling position.


Step 2:  Fall forward and catch yourself with your arms.


Step 3:  Take note of the fact that you are in the BEST push-up arm positioning you’ve EVER been in.


More of a visual learner?

YouTube Preview Image


Mix Up Your Conditioning/Metabolic Work! Reverse Sled Drag Combos…

We diligently program our strength work at Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, but where we let loose a little and have fun while working HARD is in the conditioning department.  Check out these two awesome combos:

Combo 1: 3 rounds of

  • Reverse Sled Drag (4 plates) x 40yds
  • Burpees x 12
  • PVC w/ Band Loaded KB’s- Overhead Holds x :30

YouTube Preview Image

Combo 2: 3 rounds of

  • Reverse Sled Drag (4 plates) with Racked Sandbag Carry x 40yds
  • Sandball Shoulder and Drop x 12/side

YouTube Preview Image


You’re welcome.


Progression Through Perseverance,



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