Upper-Body Workout You Need to Try!

I’m excited! Tonight I had one of the best training sessions that I have had in a long time and it was pretty awesome!

Over the past few months I’ve done a lot of travelling, moved to Pennsylvania from New York and had a schedule that was really erratic. But now that I am settled in back home in PA, my training is starting to kick some serious ass again. I try not to talk about myself too much on this blog, but tonight I couldn’t help but share my enthusiasm!

I want you to know that this workout has a simple format. It’s definitely not going to blow your mind because it isn’t incredibly unique, but if you hit it right you are going to feel damn near invincible when you are done.

Check it out:

A) Bench – 6 x 1 (working up to a max and then back down for 2 sets at 90%)

B) One Arm DB Row- 1 x 10, 1 x 15

C) Upper-Body Conditioning: Push-ups x 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest

                                                         Pull-ups x 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest

                                                         V-ups x 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest

                                                         Dips x 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest

Short, simple and to the point, but this workout kicked ass! We get to push our limit strength on the bench, hit some great upper-back training and then push our lactic acid tolerance and conditioning with an adaptation of Martin Rooney’s Ultimate Warrior Challenge.

If you need a default upper-body workout this week, throw this bad boy in and kill it!

By the way, I don’t know if you caught it earlier in the article but I am back in Pennsylvania now! That means I’m taking on new clients in the Centre County and Central Pennsylvania region. I’d love to help you get ready for your next sports season, get stronger or shed pounds! If you are interested in training with me, or know someone that is, shoot me an email (todd@beyondstrengthperformance.com). Let’s get together and kick some ass!

Get Stronger,

Todd (914)

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