We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

The following post is an exerpt from the Supreme Strength Manual.

 Conversations about the classic men of strength and sports training commonly include names such as Siff, Zatsiorsky, Hackenschmidt and VasilyAlexseyev. Mel Siff and Vladimir Zatsiorsky have gone to great lengths to improve other’s understanding of the science of strength. Hackenschmidt and Alexseyev have shown the world what feats of strength mortal men are capable of. Whether through science or practice—these men have laid the foundation upon which a castle of strength and power was built. Although impressive, this castle looks much more like a weight-room; and rather than being in some fabled British isle it’s in Ohio.

Many have spread the good word of strength and its positive effect on health and athletic performance, but one man in Ohio has done more for strength than any other. Louie Simmons and his group of powerlifters at Westside Barbell have set the strength precedent. In a world full of mixed up training philosophies based on trends and fads, Mr. Simmons developed the Westside Conjugate Method (WCM) using science, experience, blood, sweat and chalk.

As is the case for strength coaches all over the world, Louie Simmons and his WCM have had an immeasurable impact on our coaching philosophies and, subsequently, the Supreme Strength program. The fact that we are both competitive powerlifters accentuates Westside’s impact on our training because we have both felt, personally, the effects of conjugate training at its finest. We know first-hand the dramatic effect that developing maximal strength has on health and athletic performance.

Our experience as athletes and as coaches inspired us to borrow from the components of the WCM in developing the Supreme Strength system—lift heavy, lift fast and lift for reps. These ideas encompass the maximum effort method, submaximal effort method, dynamic effort method and the repetition effort method. They are the main components that many athletes and powerlifters—disciples of Louie Simmons—have used to develop their physical prowess. And as we have learned them, we now extend them to you.


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