11 Best Deadlifting Songs

Later this week I’ll be sending out a free, 12 week deadlift program to all the noble souls that are on the Beyond Strength Performance mailing list. They’ve stuck with us through thick and thin and it’s much appreciated. To prime everyone for the program, I decided to put together a video list of the best deadlift songs. Once on the program, this list will be the resource for focused deadlift domination.

For me, deadlifting is a means of growth and progression. I’ve been chasing deadlift goals for years. Each one of these songs has helped me push forward in some way–so I’ll share a few notes with each video. It’s a nice way for us to bond over music and iron.

Disclaimer: This list will be heavily laden with Lamb of God and Pantera songs. There will, however, be a big surprise.


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This is the song that played the first time I deadlifted over 500 pounds in competition. Talk about catharsis! Phil Anselmo has a special gift for helping you channel your angst into something productive.

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Ruin is my all-time favorite Lamb of God song. It’s my ace in the deadlift hole. Whenever I need a little extra drive, this is the song I play, I see red and then I move iron like a magnet in a scrap yard. If you really want to let it fly–skip to around the 2:55 mark.

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During the fall of 2010, stupid lifting destroyed my deadlift. After pulling in the mid- to upper-500′s for over a year, I put together a lifting cycle that destroyed my body. My deadlift plummeted to 455–no joke. I was listening to this song when, after a year, I finally got my deadlift above 500 pounds again. I spent 5 Minutes Alone before I attacked.

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This song is a great reminder that nothing beyond the current second is promised. Today’s the day to let it all hang out. Face it and fucking conquer it.

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 “To know the truth and live in fear of no man. Realize that this in itself is an ascension.” That’s all that really needs to be said about this song.

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The break down starts around 1:30. Go there and dominate.

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Sometimes you’re in pain–everyone goes through pain now and then. This song is great for channeling it through your legs, into your core and into the iron.

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This song is great for the same reason.

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This song just has an opening riff that sets the tone.

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Take advantage of every opportunity to step up to the bar. You never know when it will be your last.

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I never thought I would put a rap song on a list like this, but sometimes it’s just about confidence. I pulled my heaviest deadlift of the year to this song. “You know Ima ball until they turn off the field lights.”

 Now you’re equipped with the music arsenal necessary to delcare war on the deadlift.

Train to be strong, train to be fast. Build armor. Train to outlast everyone.

Get Stronger,





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3 Comments on 11 Best Deadlifting Songs

  1. Bill Huling // July 23, 2012 at 7:36 pm // Reply

    Enter Sandman by Metallica of course, and Scream With Me by Mudvayne.

  2. Bill Huling // July 21, 2012 at 9:16 pm // Reply

    For me the best Deadlift song is Beautiful People my Marilyn Manson. Also Remember the Name by Fort Minor. Walk by Pantera is an all time must. Lots more i need to post as well.


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