Are you Hungry?

Simple question, simple answer.  Right?  Think about all the times you have been asked if you are hungry over the span of your life time.  One of those occasions might have been last Tuesday when you were sitting in your dorm, or apartment, with your buddies.  Someone says, “Dude, are you hungry?  Let’s get some pizza.”  You don’t have to think very hard about your answer.  It is usually either yes or no. 

Let’s think about hunger in a couple different contexts.  Of course, there is physical hunger, which most people can remedy quite easily in this country; probably too easily.  Then, there is hunger that is associated with passion.  Drive, determination and will are all synonyms used to describe this feeling.  When was the last time you felt that kind of hunger?  Has it been a while?  Have you fallen complacent and renounced yourself to being comfortable and just being “ok” with that?  If you have, or even if you haven’t, let’s gain a little perspective on physical hunger and hunger with passion.

If you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on in the Middle-East right now, you should be.  Not only are the events there going to affect you in someway, but there are also lessons to be learned. 

Monarchies and unjust regimes are being toppled by people under 30 years old.  Why? Because they are hungry.  Physically hungry because unemployment rates are as high as 25% in some areas, with the cost of food being raised to ridiculous prices.  But also, they are passionately hungry.  Young people in the Arab nations have known nothing but rule by the same, sinister leaders for their entire lives and they are fed up.  They want change, they want opportunity and they want the chance to pick the people that will lead their countries. 

What about our own lives here in the U.S.?  We have opportunity–some would argue that its dwindling, but that depends on how hard you are willing to work.  We have the opportunity to vote for our leaders, but most of us (including myself) take that for granted. 

So, the next time you want to turn on the PS3 because you are “bored” think about the fact that young people in the Arab nations of the Middle-East have done more in a matter of weeks than some people do in a life time.  Think about that one thing you always wanted to do, be it a fitness goal, a goal to be in the starting line up, something you’ve always wanted to say to someone you care about or a job that you have always wanted.  Grow a set, get hungry and go after it.  If you sit around one day saying “shoulda, coulda, woulda” the only person you will have to blame is yourself.  Take a lesson from our Middle-Eastern counterparts and make it happen.

Get Stronger,

Todd (654)

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Chris Merritt

Strength Coach/ B.S. Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University/ FMS/ Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist/ Certified Kettlebell Instructor/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance and Beyond Strength Performance NOVA

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