Coach Chris MMA Blog: Quick Friday Workout II and More

I get asked pretty often what my week of training looks like… I’ve kind of thrown some stuff up here before about what I do, but this week I decided to give you guys/gals my exact workouts for the week:


Dynamic Warmups-      10 mins or so of foam rolling, mobility work,  and activation drills

A.  Box Squats      3 x 6   (275, 275, 285)

  • I perform these like Bret Contreras teaches, realllly pushing my hips back (angle of the shin > 90 degrees)

B1.  Weighted Neutral Grip Pullups      3 x 6   (+ 45, 45, 45)

B2.  Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press      3 x 6/side   (80, 85, 85)   

C1.  Turkish Get Ups      2 x 3/side   (50, 50)

C2.  Cable Face Pull w/ Rope      2 x 12      (90, 90)

D.  Barbell Hip Thrust      3 x 8   (275, 275, 275)

  • Shoulder blades on bench, feet on floor



Dynamic Warmups

A1.  Box Jumps      3 x 5   (w/ aerobic step- 20 risers, 20 risers, 21 risers)

A2.  Overhead Medicine Ball Slams      3 x 6   (4kg)

B1.  Jump Squats      3 x 6   (115, 115, 115)

B2.  Depth Pushups (short response)      3 x 6   (w/ aerobic step- 3 risers, 3 risers, 3 risers)

C1.  Barbell Hip Thrust      3 x 8   (275, 295, 295)

C2.  Dumbbell Shrugs      3 x 10   (90, 90, 90)



My best friend, Dustin Pague, and I like to do something a little less structured on Fridays.  I did a post a while back of our metabolic challenge workout, and that was a great example of our Friday mindset.  Well this week we decided to shoot another video for you guys.  This one is a little less of a challenge from a metabolic standpoint, but kicks your butt with relative strength.  Enjoy:


 YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

*look for more of these workouts to be added on a regular basis

Friday evening I finished off the week with an MMA session with Dustin and another one of our pros, Neil Johnson.  Yeah, you may remember his name from when you envied his glorious dance moves:

YouTube Preview Image

So there you have it!  I’m very active throughout the weekend as well- I just don’t plan for a structured workout.  This weekend we’ve got a cookout with the fight team and I’m going to a Nationals game with my girlfriend and a client on Sunday (don’t worry, we are Yankees fans).

What does your week look like?

Enjoy your weekend,


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