Don’t Look at the Scoreboard

I’m a football fan and a studier of great leaders. Knowing this, my brother and my sister-in-law bought me Nick Saban’s book How Good Do You Want To Be? for Christmas. The book recounts some of his lessons from the football field and from life. For example, Coach Saban was a student at Kent State when the National Guard shot protestors on May 4, 1970. He talks about the profound impact that the scene had on him.

More specific to the gridiron, Saban talks about how he’s built BCS Championship teams–referring almost exclusively to the 2003 National Champion LSU Tigers. The resounding theme is to focus on the process and not the outcome. They didn’t sit around talking about how they wanted to be national champions, they committed to a process that made them a great team and better people.

A lesson that he hammered home with his team was–no matter where they were in the game–to never look at the scoreboard. The only thing each individual, as part of the team, should be thinking about is what they have to do to dominate during the next play.

It’s true of our own goals, too, isn’t it? Often we look around and see where others are in life, or in fitness, and compare ourselves to them. We look at the scoreboard when all we need to do is strap up our chin straps and focus on the current task.

No matter where you are in life, in strength, or in fitness, stop looking at the scoreboard and get ready to dominate the next play. Buckle up your chin strap, stay low and run your feet on contact.

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