This post is a few days behind schedule–but I should have expected that; preparing to move usually encompasses more than we plan for. There are good byes to say, things to pack and unwanted crap to discard. I’ve been catching up on all of those because I’m moving next week.

Michael Ranfone, and the guys at Ranfone Training Systems, think enough of me that they offered me a position as a strength coach/manual therapist/power ginger. Being that RTS is one of the best training facilities on the East Coast, and that Mike, Scott and Sergio are all devilishly handsome, I couldn’t say no. They are also three of the most knowledgeable coaches I know and I have a lot to learn. I’m going to go steal stuff from their brains.

What does this mean for BSP? It means that Chris and I will still be the coolest red beard duo on the face of the universe. We’re not changing it. While some of my articles will be devoted to RTS and increasing their blog hotness, I’ll still be writing here. I’ll still be coaching here, too. I won’t, however, still be coaching clients in Central PA. Mainly because I won’t live here anymore.

Why? I kind of said already, but it’s a big fuckin’ opportunity. Right now I’m on an island in the middle of Pennsylvania with very few other coaches to interact with and learn from. I want to be submerged in strength and conditioning and rehab culture. I can’t do that here right now.

I want to thank Mike and the guys at RTS publicly for bringing me in. It’s pretty nice to know that people a few states away respect you enough to think you’re an improvement to their staff.

I also want to thank all of my clients here in State College. You’re all awesome and I’ll miss you all. Thanks for trusting me with your success.

Thanks to everyone that consulted with me on this decision–it wasn’t an easy one. I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I love Pennsylvania–a lot.

Next Wednesday at 5:00 AM Stella and I will start up the Vue and head north east and I’ll start as the newest member of the training and manual therapy team at Ranfone Training Systems.

As my good buddy Dr. Rabinowitz said to me, “happy for the past, excited for the future.”

Let’s fuck shit up.



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