Heard of this?: Fun with a Tupperware Lid, Audibly Cued Box Jumps and Modified Pro Shuttle

Alright, we’ve got some new stuff for you today!  Sometimes in training, as well as in life, awesome things happen almost by accident.  And that’s exactly how the first few videos of this post came about.  Dustin and I have some fun exercises involving an oversized Tupperware Lid (typically used in storage and moving).  Next, in our last “Heard of this?” segment, I posted a video of visual reactive box jumps.  Today we are going to build on that and introduce audibly cued seated box jumps.  They do not need to be performed from a seated position obviously, but that is what we happened to be doing when I filmed these on Monday.  Along with these, we happened to be supersetting with a modified version of the pro shuttle drill.  I REALLY like this one…

Box Crunch Drags- A few weeks ago Todd posted a video of Josh Hull doing some core work to finish off his training.  One of the exercises was Josh attempting to stay in a fully “crunched” position while Todd essentially pushed and pulled him all over, trying to throw him off.  If you haven’t tried these, they are much harder than they look.  Well, I had programmed them into Dustin’s train-up for his next UFC fight (June 8th), but after the first set we decided they could be harder.  It is the pulling aspect of the exercise that makes it difficult, so we decided to try and use furniture sliders to literally drag each other around for a specified amount of time under tension.  It worked, but it was a little difficult to turn with them, so we somehow (I believe it was Dustin’s idea) switched up to using a giant Tupperware lid.

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Box Hip Flexion/Reverse Crunch Pulls- As we performed the Box Crunch Drags, we decided that we could do quite a few different variations of the exercise- and that is where these next few gems came about.  This first one is more active on the athlete’s part, physically having to pull himself each time.  Take note: on the way down, Dustin does a full crunch as he flexes his hips to pull himself inward.  However, on the way back I have him only pull with his hip flexors.  Without getting into a whole write-up on how this can benefit squat depth, just trust me that I have first-hand seen a different version of this from Jeff Martone INSTANTLY increase squat depth.

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Band Resisted Box Crunch Drags- If drags were hard, why not make them harder?  I must warn you though- these are VERY hard to do.  Where as 20 seconds of time under tension with the drags was exhausting, 3 repetitions of the band resisted variation is brutal.  We have since been playing around with the idea of doing these while laying on something with wheels.  In our gym that happens to be my longboard (fun fact: Dustin and myself grew up skateboarding.  In fact, he was a professional skateboarder touring the country prior to going pro in MMA).

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Band Resisted Box Hip Flexion/Reverse Crunch Pulls- Okay, I don’t want to get too redundant here.  First ones were hard, next one was harder, blah blah blah…  Okay, but really, these are really difficult.  MUST TRY.

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Bonus Exercises with Lid and Rope- Seated Rope Rows, Supine Rope Climbers, and Standing Rope Rows- I happen to be more of a “right brain” individual.  So when I start with something new, I sometimes tend to run with it.  The video to follow is an example of that…  however, Dustin is the same way, and he can take a lot, if not all of the credit for what you are about to see.  Supine Rope Climbers are my favorite.

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Audibly Cued Seated Box Jumps and Modified Pro Shuttle- This final video is pretty awesome- at least that’s my opinion anyways.  Todd got me hooked on seated box jumps, so I decided to take them a step further and show you what I had mentioned a few posts ago.  Here we have the athlete keep his/her eyes shut* until they hear a clap.  The idea is for them to open their eyes and jump onto the box (from a seated position) as quickly as possible.  The first two in the video are Dustin and my girlfriend, Jess (this was her first time ever doing seated box jumps at all), and the second two are Dustin’s brother Johnny, who was in town for the day visiting, and yours truly.  It is a great training tool to film your sessions sometimes.  It wasn’t until I watched these that I realized how much I hesitate once the box gets over 40inches.  Something to work on…  Next Dustin immediately goes out to perform the modified pro shuttle.  He sets up with his eyes closed.  Upon hearing a clap, he opens his eyes and looks to see which way we are pointing for him to move first.  It is interesting to see how often your athletes will assume the direction they are going.  They are almost always wrong.  Want to have fun with these?  Have athletes do them head to head or for time…

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* You do not need to shut your eyes if the person clapping is standing behind you.

Well, if you’ve made it this far I applaud you… thanks for reading/watching.  Give these exercises a try and shoot me a message with what you think!  Oh, and if you REALLY enjoyed, please “Like” and share!


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