Heard of this?: Plank Rope Rows into Lateral Band Jumps for Core Stability

Back again with another edition of “Heard of this?”  This time around I’ve got a pretty cool core stability combo for you!  The first exercise is a plank rope row.  We have the rope wrapped around the base of one of our dumbbell racks, but you can also hook it up to a sled or some other kind of weight as well…

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You’ll notice that there is an extreme urge to lean towards the base arm.  YOU WANT TO RESIST THIS!  When done correctly you should remain as close to straight as possible, as if though you were doing a regular plank.  The best tip I can give you is to squeeze EVERYTHING as hard as you can.  Ever had diarrhea?  Me either… but if I did, I’d imagine that’s about how hard you’d want squeeze your glutes for this exercise.  At the same time, lock your legs and drive your base elbow towards your toes (without really moving).  Yes, your core should be screaming at this point.

Now that we’ve fired up your entire core, we are going to progress to a standing position with a band around the waist.  This  little number is called a lateral band jump.  The idea is to jump as far as possible (laterally), stick the landing, and do a resisted lateral band walk on the way back in.  If your glutes weren’t on fire from the rope rows, they sure are now.  

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YouTube Preview Image

We typically throw our core stability work into the beginning of a session after the dynamic warmups, before plyometric/agility training.  This is great for getting the CNS turned on…  However, I have definitely used the plank rope rows in some “finisher” circuits as well.  I have to give credit to Joe Hashey, of Synergy Athletics.  He crushed us with these plank rope rows (pulling a sled) to finish off a seminar of his late last summer.  My body hated them, and they have become a favorite of mine ever since.

Give this combo a try and drop me a line with your thoughts/questions/comments/concerns below!

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