How great can you be?

In lieu of this Independence Day weekend, I just wanted to talk a little about greatness…  We all have greatness inside of us- some of us really tap that potential, but others keep it pent up.  Why?  Sometimes we are told that we can’t do something, other times we don’t believe it ourselves.

When Todd and I started Beyond Strength Performance we had plenty of people tell us we were making a mistake.  “You’re not ready to run your own business.”  “Are you sure you’re ready for the responsibility?  You could have it so easy working for someone else…”  “You’re too young.”  Blah, blah, blah…  Do you know what I’ve noticed from the majority of the people who made these comments?  For one reason or another they aren’t truly happy with what they’re doing.  It’s pretty easy to be a Debbie Downer when you are keeping greatness pent up inside of yourself for one reason or another.

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If Todd or I had ever doubted ourselves, we never would have taken off like we have.  Now I’m not saying that we are set by any means, and to this day we will sometimes find ourselves questioning certain moves that we make.  We ask ourselves all the time, “Are we ready for this?”  And you know what?  If we overthink things, it is so easy to find a reason why we aren’t ready.  And that speaks true for anyone…  But a better question would be to ask, “What do I have to gain and/or lose?”

Allowing fear to hold us back gets us nowhere.  Maybe we are going to make a product, and it won’t sell well at all- or maybe we’ll get some backlash from it.  Well, I suppose that is the worst thing that could happen.  However, on the flip side, we could start something wildly successful that may open ten new doors for future opportunities.  I rather like the possible gains, but if I let the risks scare me off from doing anything at all- well, I’ll still be where I was yesterday… wanting.

The same could be said for your fitness and performance goals.  For instance, I have seven guys fighting tomorrow in Washington, DC (whom all need to make weight tonight).  For quite a few this will be their first mixed martial arts event.  That in itself is a huge step towards greatness.  Win, lose, or draw, once these guys step inside the cage they have already made a bigger step towards greatness than most people would ever dare.

Or maybe you just want to lose 40 pounds this year.  I’m sure you have friends who say come one, it’s just one night of drinking/eating like crap/whatever your weakness is…  The first step towards unleashing your inner greatness is to make the right decision again, again, and again.  And if you do fall off the horse, true greatness is getting right back on and learning from your mistake…

This great country wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for those whom were commited to greatness, and the same still rings true today.

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Chris Merritt

Strength Coach/ B.S. Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University/ FMS/ Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist/ Certified Kettlebell Instructor/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance and Beyond Strength Performance NOVA

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