I Finally Wrote A Randoms Post!

After working like slave to finish, and launch, Supreme Strength I’ve fallen prey to a serious case of writer’s block. Over the past month I’ve spent thirty hours staring at the wall and sketching ideas on a note pad before finally giving up and practicing the Ickey Shuffle.

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But I’m starting to put the pieces of my brain back together and thoughts are coming to me at random. They aren’t as succint and detailed as usual, but hey, I’ll take what I can get right now.

Being that I’m in random mode, I put together a randoms article. I think I’m the last guy on the planet with a blog to do a random list article, but being late to the party is cool–kind of like peeing  your pants.

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Two awesome videos within the first 200 words of a post–there’s no way you can be mad about that!

Alright, I think I’ve strung this out enough. Here are some random strength, conditioning and nutrition bits that have been floating through my brain.

1. My Current Eating Schedule/Nutrition: I’ve been toying around with my eating schedule a lot lately. I tried the intermittent fasting deal a few months ago and I ended up sitting in the corner and eating a cardboard and plastic flower salad. IF doesn’t work for me, but I wanted to reap some of the benefits. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

a. I fast for twelve hours (if you can consider that a fast). I’ve read that this helps clear a lot of unwanted junk out of the cells and is good for regeneration.

b. My first meal consists of only fat and protein. My go-to right now is 6 hard boiled eggs, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a few almonds and a shot of heavy whipping cream. Every breakfast looks a lot like this–training and off-days alike.

Eating carbs first thing in the morning puts me back to sleep, and then I over-compensate with copious amounts of caffeine. One day a few weeks ago, after eating carbs at breakfast, I drank two cups of coffee, two rockstar energy drinks and two scoops of Jack3d. That’s right around 800mg of caffeine. So, yea, I need to avoid early day carbs.

c. I started carb cycling again–I’m not sure why I ever stopped. On off-days I don’t eat carbs, I eat a moderate amount of carbs on upper-body days and I eat a lot of carbs on lower-body days. It’s that simple–I don’t go crazy with calculations. I’m not a scientist.

d. Since I don’t eat carbs early in the day, I take them in after I train–which is in the late afternoon. I drink Biotest Surge after I train and then eat a carb heavy meal when I get home. Then I eat some more carbs before bed.

e. I have been recovering well; I feel like my testosterone is through the roof and I feel awesome pretty much all the time.

2. I Love Concentric Only Training: A few weeks ago on our way back from Rhode Island, Chris and I stopped in to train with our buddy, and incredible strength coach, Mike Ranfone. Mike is a smart coach that’s been in the game for a long time. Lucky for me, we talk every week and imparts his years of wisdom on me.

No childrens' costume is too small for Mike Ranfone!

On the Sunday that Chris and I stopped in, Mike had a recovery workout planned. This made me happy. After two and a half days of sitting on my ass at the PerformBetter Summit, the last thing I wanted to do was train like a maniac.

After a warm-up, Mike took us through a circuit of two concentric only power exercises (overhead rack presses and medball chest passes) with a core stability exercise (front levers on rings). From there we moved on to high rack cleans (with no hip drop during the catch) and vertical jumps. We finished with hang cleans from above the knee (again with no drop during the catch).

By the end of this workout my glutes woke up, I felt alert and ready to train hard. Then Chris and I got in the car and drove six hours back to Central PA. Talk about anti-climactic!

But the next day when I woke up I still felt great–despite eating shitty food all weekend, running on little sleep and being dehydrated. Since then, I’ve hit a concentric only workout almost everyday. I’ve used the same format, and I’ve seen a boost in recovery and preparation for hard training days.

Since I’ve started playing around with concentric only training–this is my favorite circuit:

A1) Medball Slams x 2

A2) RKC Plank x 5 seconds at highest intensity contraction possible

A3) High Rack Cleans x 2

Do this for 10 minutes, but be sure to rest completely between exercises. Don’t work to fatigue–this type of training is about feeling awesome, not about conditioning or energy systems training. I use this circuit on off days and as part of my warm-up.

If you have more questions about this type of training, hit up Mike (he’s on the facebook). He’s also a great resource for how to effectively wear costumes designed for 7 year old females.

3. Teaching the Single Leg RDL: Almost every program that I write includes single leg RDLs. I think they are a great, and applicable, exercise for most people. However, people with limited single leg stance stability, and those still mastering the hip hinge, have trouble mastering this exercise. The last thing I want to do is perpetuate instability or make someone feel stupid, so I came up with a simple single leg RDL precursor. I call it the “toe slide RDL.”

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The toes stay on the ground for stability and the dumbbell is placed on the ground for a point of reference. Reaching back with the non-working leg teaches the client to hinge, rather than bend by rounding the lumbar spine.

If you want to send me an internet high five because you are going to use this tomorrow, please reference the incredible high five compilation that I put together with Jon Goodman of The Personal Trainer Development Center.

Also, if you’ve seen this done somewhere else–or you already thought of it–please keep it to  yourself and let me think I’m cool for a little while.

4. Hater’s Gonna Hate: It’s true. But I’ll quote my lovely girlfriend to keep things in perspective, “Only bitches talk shit.” (By the way, I realize that this has nothing to do with strength, conditioning or nutrition, but people sure talk a lot of shit on the interwebz. Dumb.)

5. Sample Upper-body Training: Here’s a peek into my training–it’s an upper-body session from earlier this week.

A1) Standing Overhead Press: 135 x 1, 155, x 1, 175 x 1, 195 x 1 x 2, 135 x 2 x 3 (for speed)

A2) Assorted hip mobilizations

B1) Concentric Pull-ups: 4 x [5 x 2]

B2) Bottms up Kettlebell Push-ups: 2 x 5, 2 x 8 (all bodyweight)

C1) Turkish Get-ups: 2 x 2 each side

C2) Water Bag Shouldering: 1 x 5 each, 1 x 8 each

Overhead pressing 225 is one of my goals for this year–so I’m doing a lot of heavy and fast overhead pressing. I also work on shoulder and core stability quite a bit. I’ve hit 215 already this year so I think I’m on the right track.

6. This is The Coolest Picture You’ve Ever Seen:

Just try to curl in our squat rack. We dare you.











Annnnndddd……first random post completed. Check victory for the good guys!

Get Stronger,



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