Random Thoughts (Omegawave and wine)

Jess rockin' the ring!

Hey guys,  I’m going to be honest- this post is going to be a little all over the place.  Why?  I got engaged this weekend!  So the majority of my weekend was spent in a celebratory bliss, going to the Nationals game (where I proposed), visitng wineries, and lounging with my now fiancé, Jess.  But I still feel like there will be some pretty awesome gems in this post (at the moment being I really do not know that, I am literally sitting down to type, free of any real plan).  Here goes nothin….


I guess I’ll start here because every time that I make a post on Facebook about it, I get a million questions about what it is.  I am NOT an expert in HRV (heart rate variability), so these are just my observations from using it the past few weeks.

  • It tells me what I already know (for the most part).  I don’t drink to the point of getting plastered often at all, but I’ve attended some celebrations recently (thanks Bill and Diana for the craziest open bar wedding I’ve ever been to).  On the mornings after drinking heavily it tells me that I am essentially a wreck.  No surprise there.
  • It surprises me sometimes.  There are some mornings where I feel like a train hit me, and I get pretty good readings.  I have found that on those mornings I actually do have great lifts, where I may have taken it easier on those days in the past.  Placebo?  I don’t know.  However, it’s also told me that I am not fully recovered sometimes when I would have thought that I was (based on feel first thing in the morning).  On these mornings I look back at my sleep, training logs, and food journal for the few days prior and typically I have an “aha” moment.
  • It’s merely an auditing system.  Let’s be honest, I have a pretty busy lifestyle.  I’m not going to skip a workout because of the stupid reading.  I just listened to Dan John talk about this on the FitCast and he was spot on.  Would you really care what your Omegwave reading says on the day of a major competition?  In his words, “of course your sleep sucked, it’s the night before “x” competition!”  I’m not really going to change my major lifts and such on the daily because of a stupid reading.  With that being said, if there was a downward trend, yeah, I’ve got to take a look and make some changes (see “aha” moment above).
  • I did notice a constant “incomplete recovery” reading since I’ve gotten the Omegawave.  My “aha” moment was looking at training logs and realizing a few things:
    1. I wasn’t doing much for recovery.  So, I started taking long epsom salt baths multiple days a week.
    2. I wasn’t following through on “recovery workouts.”  I’ve made sure to add in a full body TRX routine 2 days a week. I wrote about this on my gym’s website last week.  I wear a heart rate monitor for the whole workout, moving from exercise to exercise with no break.  After each round I recover until my HR reaches 110bpm before starting again.  I wrote this routine for an online client, but have been using it myself for two weeks.  On week one I did three rounds, and now on week two I am doing four.  I will follow up with five next week and reduce the volume to three again on week 4.  Read about the workout and see the video here: http://www.bspnova.com/full-body-trx-routine/
    3. I am two weeks into these changes, and today was the first perfect reading I have ever gotten.  I know that “n=1” doesn’t make this an amazing study, but I think it’s all related.
  • Is the Omegawave that important?  No.  But I do enjoy the “game” of trying to see a complete recovery, while hitting PRs on the regular.



They’re pretty awesome, and if you live in an area with them around you, you should go.  No real training advice here, but that’s some truth.  Jess and I visited two wineries on Sunday:

The Barns at Hamilton Station was my favorite of the two, but they were both pretty awesome.


I’m headed up to the Finger Lakes region to help present a seminar with Todd and Dr. Justin Rabinowitz in two weeks, and you best believe we are going to visit some wineries while we are there.


Hanging out at The Barns...

So I didn’t really have much today…

But hopefully you’ve gotten something out of the Omegawave rant.  I get asked about it so often, and I’m alway all over the place in my answers- but I think the above about wraps it up.

If you’re interested in seeing the proposal VIDEO, make sure to watch out on www.bspnova.com later this week.

She said yes!

Enjoy the week! (1709)

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Strength Coach/ B.S. Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University/ FMS/ Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist/ Certified Kettlebell Instructor/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance and Beyond Strength Performance NOVA

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