The Best Core Circuit Ever!

Ok, maybe not the best core circuit ever–that’s a bit of hyperbole. But, none-the-less, I have a great core circuit for you to try. It’s simple, effective and only consists of three exercises–rollouts, anti-rotation walk-outs and reverse crunches.











Start with roll-outs–using a barbell, dumbbell or ab roller–then hit the anti-rotation walk outs and finish with the reverse crunches. The circuit hits three different functions of the core–anti-extension, anti-rotation and lumbar flexion. Circuiting these three functions together works well to improve hip and lumbar stability, while also improving bracing technique. Roll-outs and reverse crunches reinforce neutral posture of the hips and low-back and anti-rotation walk-outs require a strong brace.

 You’ll also be training in three different positions–kneeling, standing and lying supine–training to create stability across various situations. It’s also been said that moving from ground positions to standing positions while training  re-sets your nervous system.

Do the roll-outs for sets of 6 – 10, the anti-rotation walk-outs are 4 trips out and back and do the reverse crunches for sets of 12 -15. Complete the circuit three times.

Here are some videos to get you started:


YouTube Preview Image

Anti-Rotation Walk-outs (you can do these with a band or by using a cable machine with a push-down rope):

YouTube Preview Image

Reverse Crunches (I’ll defer to Eric Cressey for these):

YouTube Preview Image

 Use little to no rest between exercises, and rest 60-90 seconds between circuits. Try it out and drop a comment!

Get Stronger,

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M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger
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  1. Bill Huling

    Update from the IPA States last weekend. Did very Well. Won open 220 Raw Amateur and 220 Raw Amateur 40-44 as well as best lifter Raw Amateur Open! First time getting the best lifter!! Very pysched. Squat 470, Bench 370, Dead 585, missed 600 on 4th; for a 1425 total!!!! All beltless baby.


  2. Barath

    Thanks Todd! I have never done the walk-outs before – I’ll substitute this for Palloff presses next time to see how it works!

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