During the fall, high-frequency upper-body training wrecked my already football-ravaged shoulders. I ended up with a twinge of impingement syndrome in my right shoulder and an accident while overhead pressing gifted me a minor glenohumeral separation/dislocation/that shit really hurt for a while.

To remedy the errors that I made, I backed down my pressing volume, had manual therapy once per week and I used the following warm-up sequence. It encompasses soft-tissue (and how I sequence it for the upper-body), thoracic spine mobility, traction and activation work and patterning.

Check it out and then put it to good use.


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Todd Bumgardner
M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger
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M.S./ CSCS/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance/ Ginger
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  1. Karsten

    This one is awesome. I have a right stiff elbow and I can’t touch my right shoulder with my right hand. After one round, I can touch my shoulder again. Now , this series is part of my daily rehab work. Thanks for this and regards from germany.

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