Women Should Train Hard!

Talking about female training is very en vogue right now, and since I’m a fashionable guy I figured it was time for me to chime in with my two cents.

If you’re wondering about my nack for fashion, check out the pic (circa 2008)!

Derek Zoolander, eat your heart out!










Fantastic, no?

You’re right, no IS the correct answer.  I definitely don’t have the fashion sense that most women do, that’s pretty obvious. But having the opportunity to work with a wide range of female clientele has given me an understanding of what helps women get the results they want, be them athletes or soccer moms. Of course, programming is individual and goal dependent, but there is one theme that has been apparent time and time again; most women need to get STRONGER! The best way to do that is to master movement patterns and then load them. That’s the complicated way to say that they need to lift weights! Not the pink 1 pound dumbells in the Jazzersize closet, but heavy barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and whatever other heavy shit they can get their hands on.

Another element that is commonly missing from the female program is serious conditioning. Conditioning needs to be hard! There is a lot of fat to be lost and lessons to be learned during a hard conditioning session, so make sure you bust your ass! This means sprinting, doing high intensity intervals and including movement complexes that give your body a reason to dip into the fat stores.  Oh and ladies, don’t think I’m just dogging on you, because conditioning is absent from most programs that guys follow as well.

If its an example of a female training hard that you fancy, please enjoy a viewing of the video below. Featured is the lovely Ms. Annie Zeigler (my talented girlfriend). She is the scrum half for the North Eastern Rugby Union and is in the selection pool for the USA Women’s Rugby team. If there’s one thing Annie knows how to do, it’s to train hard!

YouTube Preview Image

Absent from the video is the awesome power day that Annie did earlier in the week, consisting of front squats, box jumps and lunge variations. But what you can see is a female busting her ass because she wants to look better, feel better and be better at her sport.

 Unless you are reading magazines like Oxygen or Women’s Health, forget what you read and see in the print! Decide you want something, find motivating people to surround yourself with (even if it is just via the internet) and kick ass! If you want great information and examples of how serious training can work for women check out ladies like Chandra Jones, Nia Shanks, Jen Comas Keck, Rachel Guy, Neghar Fonooni and Molly Galbraith.

There has been a lot of great information on training for women put out recently by a lot of great coaches and trainers (like the ones I listed above). Seek them out, learn from them and apply what you can!

Women shouldn’t train like they are soft, they should train hard!

Get Stronger,



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